Need Cleaner Mutual Fund & Pooled Assets Data?

Meet DaaS.

Delta Data’s Data as a Service (DaaS) is the combination of data, operational processing and software delivered in a seamless, turnkey hosted package delivering greater efficiency and transparency for mutual fund data.

We provide a single source for all your Mutual Fund and Pooled Asset data.

DaaS is not just data. It is a human and machine-cultivated data set that leverages the technology of a portal, allowing clients to view data in real-time, enabling better transparency. In addition, the data is in a format that allows data operations teams to deliver data to the firm’s core systems such as accounting and reporting, in the format they need, reducing integration costs.

Why Businesses Choose DaaS for Mutual Fund & Pooled Asset Data

Fund data is often late, inconsistent, inaccurate, and not tailored to a firm’s unique needs. Manual workarounds and calls to fund companies culminate in wasted man-hours. Lack of reporting and real visibility into data leave valid concerns that firms could be at risk of financial exposure.

DaaS was developed to alleviate these pain points by providing information in a forward-looking format with information such as, dividend data 13 months out, missing prices, and corporate actions at least 30 days out, allowing the operations team to be proactive and manage only the exceptions. 

With DaaS firms can expect to:


Reduce Risk

  • Eliminate the financial and reputational risk of absent or inaccurate data
  • Reduce the risk of missing critical updates by customizing data elements to only reflect those pertinent to your investment universe

Cost Savings & Efficient Processes

  • Lower operational costs by eliminating the need for manual entry, allowing resources to be reallocated to more strategic initiatives
  • Enhance efficiency through exception-based processing, focusing only on the areas that need attention
  • Automate inefficient workflows, reducing the processing manpower needed to manage mutual fund data

Easily Integrate Data

  • Simplify integrations with downstream systems using configurable data file formats, allowing for clean, consistent data throughout internal systems

Who Benefits from Delta Data’s DaaS Solution?

DaaS is designed for fund distribution firms that have a wide range of mutual funds and pooled products. Large firms with several billion in AUM benefit from a reduction in reputational and financial risk by having a single vendor to provide all needed datasets to deliver their product information. 

Our typical distribution clients are:

Retirement Record Keepers
Broker Dealers
Bank Trusts
Insurance Companies

Our Approach to Mutual Fund & Pooled Asset Data


DaaS allows distribution firms to utilize the same software used by large servicing organizations to aggregate and curate fund data. DaaS, leveraging our Asset Services team, efficiently and effectively supports distribution of mutual funds without requiring an operations team to manage it.


Included in the DaaS Mutual Fund Data Feeds:



  • Receive all periodic dividends for funds specific to your investments, on Ex-date
  • Monitor the status/progress of your dividend rates as they arrive on Ex-date
  • Access a rolling 13-month dividend calendar of all upcoming periodic dividend events


Corporate Actions

  • Receive future dated corporate actions/fund changes
  • Gain access to over 70 event types including mergers, liquidations, name changes, changes to fee schedules, minimums, etc.
  • Track and monitor all upcoming events via a customized dashboard
  • Create unique workflows for each event via user-configurable approval workflows that follow your firm’s current internal processes
  • Reduce the ‘noise’ around corporate action events with suppression of events for securities not on your platform


Pricing & Rates

  • Receive all the daily NAVs and daily accrual rates on your 40 Act funds, CITs and VITs
  • Monitor the status/progress of prices/rates as they arrive during the day
  • Receive Delta Data’s daily accrual rate service that levels all inflated factors, delivering a single daily rate for each day and simplifying the processing of calculations at accrual cycle end dates, weekends and holidays

Benefits of Partnering with Delta Data for Mutual Fund and other Pooled Asset Data

Delta Data is unique in the mutual fund industry. All of our solutions are specifically designed to eliminate the complexity of processing mutual funds, CITs, and other pooled products, as well as provide oversight capabilities for these securities, allowing the mutual fund industry to communicate more easily, manage risk more effectively, and process data more efficiently.  Funds are all we do!


What Our Partners Have to Say About Delta Data

I will say however, that our experience to date under the ASP model has been better than I anticipated and feel it’s been a win/win situation on both sides of the equation!


Director of Trading and Clearing, Insurance Client

To date, we’ve been very impressed by both the reliability of the services Delta Data has been providing as well as with the professionalism and responsiveness of your entire team! I feel that this truly has been a great partnership.


Director of Trading and Clearing, Insurance Client

Trade Manage has been awesome for us.


SVP, Trust Client

Other Solutions We Provide For Fund Distributors

Fund Data Management

  • Centralized control of pooled investments on one platform, using our DaaS data feeds and/or feeds from other mutual fund data providers
  • Pre-configured to handle mutual fund data feeds from sources such as Profile II and Morningstar, and integrates with proprietary data
  • Creates a “Gold Copy” data file for integration with downstream systems, helping to maintain data integrity across multiple platforms

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Delta Data provides the back-end solutions that companies in the mutual funds industry use to process trillions of dollars of transactions and keep on top of their data.

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