Master Mutual Fund Data Complexity

with The HUB, Powered by Delta Data

An enterprise data management solution specifically tailored to address data complexities surrounding mutual funds and other pooled investment products. The HUB creates multiple “gold copies” of your mutual fund data that can be confidently deployed in supporting a range of data workloads from transactional data to exploratory data science and production warehousing across your enterprise, making mutual fund data management more efficient.

mutual fund data solutions

Creating accuracy & consistency


Mutual fund data management is often a tangled web of disparate sources, leading to data entry duplication and inconsistencies across systems.


The HUB is a data management solution that automates the process of obtaining and centralizing a firm’s universe of mutual fund data, originating from multiple sources. Data is ingested, reconciled, standardized, normalized, cleansed, and enriched resulting in the creation of data packets “gold copies” for delivering and satisfying data workload requirements of downstream systems.

The firmwide benefit is that gold copies create one cleansed version of the data, so data is consistent throughout your firm’s technology ecosystem.

This solution facilitates automating and modernizing the process of managing mutual fund and pooled investment data which has traditionally been manually intensive.

Why Delta Data?

Highly Customizable for Your Organization

Our Enterprise Data Management (EDM) delivers off-the-shelf functionality, tailored specifically to pooled investments, while also providing flexibility to meet unique needs of our client organizations.

Supports a Wide Variety of Sources

The HUB can sit centrally located within your data management ecosystem, curating your firm’s mutual fund data, no matter what systems and sources that data is coming from or going to.

In addition, Delta Data provides integrated options for mutual fund data and processing with solutions for:

Data as a Service (DaaS)

Combining data, operational processing, and software in a seamless, hosted package, featuring periodic dividends, pricing, and future-dated corporate actions for pooled investments.

Proprietary Fund Management

Support for constructing and administering proprietary funds and custom pooled investment vehicles.

Trade Management & Reconciliation

Full NSCC connectivity, omnibus-to-fully-disclosed-position reconciliation, trading with multiple parties, and automated dividend processing.

mutual fund data solutions

Modernize and Future-Proof Your Mutual Fund Data Management

Upgrading legacy systems and adopting modern data management processes enables firms to better manage and analyze vast amounts of data, which can lead to increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Effective data automation utilizes straight-through processing, systematic master creation, and fund-family reconciliation to facilitate operational improvements for high-volume trading funds. By increasing efficiency and decreasing turnaround time, modernizing your data management allows your firm more operational scalability to reallocate resources to more strategically important projects.

Here are just a few of the benefits.

  • Operational Scalability

Effortless data management and a reliable “gold copy” for downstream systems.

  • Reduced Operations Cost

Limit expensive data to specific users, self-service data source changes, and reduced costs associated with trade breaks.

  • Improved Data Quality

Enhanced data breadth, depth, and integrity through additional data sources and business rules.

  • Open Architecture

Seamless ingestion and feeding of data from and to any of your existing systems, enhancing the value of your current investment.

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