More than half of the top Recordkeepers and Bank Trusts use Delta Data’s Distribution Services.*

Distribution Services is a robust hosted platform focused on the servicing of assets in pooled investment products. It is a complete vertical solution from source data to client facing analytics but with a la carte option capability to fit each client’s need.

It includes a unique perspective for our Distribution clients given our industry-leading oversight toolset for our top tier Asset Management clients.

*Comparing our client list to the list of 2016 Top Recordkeepers by and the list of 25 Largest Institutions by Fiduciary Assets, FDIC, data as of 2Q 2016.

SERVICESDelta Data Distribution Services


Less Technology and Operations spend
  • Ongoing innovation removes need for major platform overhauls every ten years
  • Integrated business intelligence, Data and BPM reduces BA costs
  • Straight through processing and integrated tools reduce head count
Reduced time to market
  • Sure your IT team can build it out over the next decade, they are good, but this is available now and at a fraction of the cost and risk
  • Ease of integration is a primary focus of our entire service as we are aware it is one of your biggest expenses
Increased client satisfaction
  • More visibility and transparency
  • Fewer breaks of data and trading
  • More data to share increasing client value proposition
Reduced risk
  • 1.5 Trillion in assets traded and support of the largest service firm’s core business insures these products were built correctly

Proprietary Product Manager

A tool that supports the construction, trade execution and administration

Revenue Management

Attribute based calculation and invoicing system

Relationship and Counterparty Management

A CRM tool to manage your counterparties’ information


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Delta Data provides the back-end solutions that companies in the mutual funds industry use to process trillions of dollars of transactions and keep on top of their data.

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