Delta Data’s Mutual Fund Data Management solutions accommodates the unique data elements and key functionality needs of pooled investments. Download the Mutual Fund Data Management ebook for a detailed look at the vast data requirements for maintaining a mutual fund on a distribution platform.

Gain a clear and comprehensive risk picture of your intermediary distributors. Delta Data’s Asset Manager Intermediary Oversight ebook provides a detailed look at building a strong intermediary oversight program, including why it’s important and the intermediaries you should focus on.

Delta Data’s annual CIT study reflects input from a survey involving 24 different bank and trust companies, asset management companies, and financial advisors representing several of the top ten financial entities in the United States. This paper details the recent historical improvement in data exchange, transparency, and communications used in the coordination of Collective Investment...


Delta Data provides the back-end solutions that companies in the mutual funds industry use to process trillions of dollars of transactions and keep on top of their data.

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