The leading partner for pooled asset solutions

We simplify manual tasks associated with mutual fund and pooled asset operations, enhancing efficiency and minimizing risk for our clients.

At Delta Data, we value client partnerships above all. We go beyond being a vendor or solutions provider by becoming an integral part of our clients’ teams. With our industry experts supporting our products and services, we offer not just solutions but comprehensive support for our client’s success.

Choosing Delta Data means more than streamlined processes and automation

You gain a team of experts who work closely with your organization to implement and support our products. We identify best practices and optimize processes to help you achieve maximum efficiency

Trust us to be your strategic ally in the ever-changing landscape of pooled asset space.

mutual fund data solutions

Our Culture

We aim to create and deliver value in a world and industry that are constantly changing.

At Delta Data, we’re a team of approachable, attentive, responsive partners who consistently go above and beyond to meet the needs of every client. We’re passionate about crafting the right blend of discipline, laughter, professional partnerships, and personal friendships.

We are committed to a supportive environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion and works together for the long-term benefit of our clients, teammates, and industry. Honesty and integrity are the only way we do business, and collaboratively is the only way we work.

Technology at Delta Data

Cloud Focused

Migrating our suite of products to the cloud accelerates our time to market, providing us more flexibility to support our customers’ unique business demands.

Emphasis on Quality

Our software development process includes a dedicated QA team that runs thousands of automated test cases nightly to ensure our developers have regular feedback on product reliability.

Industry Certified

Here at Delta Data, we pride ourselves in being both SOC 1 and 2 compliant.


Pioneering Excellence

At Delta Data, leadership is more than a title, it is our guiding principal.

We foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, transparency, and excellence to empower our team.


Through our actions, we inspire others to be their best selves, viewing each challenge as an opportunity to excel.


We empower our team to unlock their full potential, offering the support and resources needed to thrive.


Innovation is at the core of our identity. We welcome fresh ideas, explore new horizons, and adapt to change with an open mindset to ensure clients benefit from the best solutions available.


We never settle for mediocrity. Excellence is our benchmark, and we constantly strive to achieve it.

Interested in joining our team?

Our philosophy fuels a positive, productive work environment, where all employees can grow and thrive.

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