Fund trade management and position & income reconciliation

A comprehensive mutual fund/pooled assets trading and reconciliation platform for financial intermediaries. Modernize trade processing with the NSCC, sub-custodian(s), or directly with fund managers with automation to; reduce the need for manual adjustments, minimize errors, and provide heightened transaction visibility.

Maximizing the use of straight-through processing, the functionality delivers streamlined trade execution with efficient and controlled exception handling.

mutual fund data solutions


Optimizing your trade execution

Our fully automated, rule-based trade decision engine has the ability to manage multiple clearing conduits from a single platform, and...

  • Delivers a comprehensive suite of trading applications to automate account registration, trading, settlement, position reconciliation, and income processing
  • Maximizes the use of straight-through processing
  • Provides streamlined trade execution with efficient and controlled exception handling
  • Supports firms with the necessary scalability, stability, control, and security to meet the challenges of business growth

Must-Have Functionality

Aggregation and Disaggregation of Omnibus Trades

Full Validation of Transactions Before Being Sent to Fund

Sophisticated Trade Routing

Intelligent Logic for Position and Income Reconciliation


Trade Management & Reconciliation

Trade Management

A centralized trading desk, which facilitates a direct connection to investment managers via Fund/SERV, Networking, DCC&S, Mutual Fund Profile Service, and DTCC Payment aXis. The trade management system delivers streamlined trade execution with efficient and controlled exception handling.

Position Reconciliation

A fully automated daily position reconciliation for both fully disclosed and omnibus mutual fund accounts. Position reconciliation compares reported positions, analyzes variances, determines outstanding items, categorizes the nature of the reconciling items, and assigns a reconciliation status based on the results.

Income Reconciliation

The processing of dividend and capital gains payments by calculating anticipated distribution amounts. The income reconciliation function calculates the daily interest earned on accrual funds and maintains calculated amounts for each day in the accrual period. At period-end, the calculated amounts are reconciled with the actual paid dividend.

mutual fund data solutions

Your Dedicated Partner

Delta Data is unique in the mutual fund industry.

All of our solutions are specifically designed to eliminate the complexity of processing mutual funds, CITs, and other pooled products, as well as provide oversight capabilities for these securities, allowing the mutual fund industry to communicate more easily, manage risk more effectively, and process data more efficiently. Funds are all we do!


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