Asset Manager & Transfer Agent SOLUTIONS

Fund Transfer Agent & Recordkeeping

Flexible, cross-border transfer agent and shareholder recordkeeping system for processing mutual funds, hedge funds, collective funds, UIT’s, closed-end funds and virtually any type of pooled asset.

mutual fund data solutions


Why Do Leading Transfer Agents and Fund Companies Turn to Delta Data?

Improved Customer Service & Retention

Elevate the client experience with self-service through an intuitive web portal, strengthening client relationships through convenient, user-friendly access to account and fund information.  Provide advanced customer statements with more efficient delivery methods to better satisfy your customers.

Automated Account & Transaction Processes

Systematically handle any account type and track all financial data (balances, value, cost basis, transaction history), gaining efficiency in account processing.  Simplify and streamline transaction workflow, reducing risk and driving down cost.

Comprehensive Pooled Asset Coverage

Handle all types of pooled assets through a single integrated solution allowing clients to determine their investment mix without restriction.  

Extensive Reporting

Pre-built reports satisfy most client reporting needs, while ad hoc capabilities empower clients to tailor reports to best reflect their unique business demands.

Empowerment Through Flexibility

Adaptable and rules-based design to seamlessly accommodate the evolving business needs of your customers. Whether adjusting to regulatory changes or accommodating new product offerings, the modular approach ensures that our solution evolves with our clients’ business.

mutual fund data solutions


A Superior Experience with Scalability and Sustainability

The Delta Data Experience

Decades of implementing transfer agent and recordkeeping solutions with leading global financial services companies as clients allows us to provide a consultative approach to enhance your business.

We take the time to understand what your business objectives are and work with you to deliver a solution to help you reach your strategic goals.

Driving Sustainable Growth

Our solution offers the stability of fixed annual fees, ensuring that costs remain predictable and don’t fluctuate as the business grows, providing budgetary certainty.

Providing this peace of mind enables our clients to allocate their resources more strategically and drive sustainable growth without worrying about escalating costs.


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