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Delta Data Distribution Solutions simplify the servicing and trading of assets in pooled investment products, streamlining the interaction between distributors and their fund company counterparts.

mutual fund data solutions
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The HUB powered by Delta Data

A comprehensive data management solution specifically tailored to address the challenges faced by mutual funds and other pooled investment products. The HUB consolidates and organizes mutual fund data from multiple systems, producing reliable, accurate “gold copies” of audited data that can be easily integrated into any downstream system, making mutual fund data management more efficient and uncomplicated.

Trade Management & Position & Income Reconciliation

An integrated solution for automating the total processing environment for mutual funds and  other pooled investment products. With robust features like NSCC connectivity, position reconciliation, automated income processing, and multi-party trading support, the solution optimizes straight-through processing, ensuring streamlined trade execution and effective exception handling.

Fund Sub-Accounting and Trading

A flexible, mutual fund sub-accounting and omnibus trading solution that automates fund trading and customer service tasks, streamlining processes to reduce risk and gain operational efficiency.

22c-2 & Transparency Data Monitoring

Automated monitoring, comprehensive management, and insightful analytics for complete 22c-2, sub-account and omnibus fund policy trade monitoring. From trade monitoring to storing and transmitting raw sub-account information, the solution allows for effortless compliance with 22c-2 regulations and seamless handling of DTCC OminServ, RPR, and DSP transparency data.

Counterparty Management

A comprehensive CRM tool to efficiently manage counterparty information while ensuring secure and seamless communication of information between the two parties, enhancing transparency and simplifying collaboration.

Revenue Management

An automated invoicing solution supporting every aspect of mutual fund fees, revenue sharing, and commission processing. The solution allows firms to implement the proper controls, ensuring the effectiveness and accuracy of the fee billing process and maintaining a comprehensive audit trail to reduce risk exposure.

mutual fund data solutions

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