forecasting tool

Following on the heels of Delta Data’s offer to make our Data as a Service corporate action data available to registered broker dealers, bank trusts, and record keepers, we are now providing complimentary access to our newly released macro-economic model driven IntelliCaster forecasting tool. The tool allows users to input and track economic models that provide a baseline for asset managers to forecast asset flows and their associated expenses.

With Delta Data’s IntelliCaster, complex forecasting is as easy as 1,2, 3.

  • Asset manager’s economists input macro-economic based models either into the interface or via upload, which form the basis for scenarios.
  • Adjustments from sales by region, dealer or product; and by finance that adjusts by share class, fee waivers, and other proprietary inputs are input into the system
  • IntelliCaster yields forward looking composite analysis of projected distribution fees, expenses, and profit for each macro-economic scenario. Fee agreements input into the system provides a monthly expense calculation that is then applied against the future AUM models.

The tool officially launched at the annual NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum and is already in use by a major investment management firm. For more information, check out our webinar: Moving from Manual to Automated Macro-Economic Driven Modeling.

As of April 21, Delta Data will be making IntelliCaster available, free of charge, through the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

We have set up a concierge service to walk your company through the process of accessing this powerful tool. Just follow this link to begin the process.