Rapidly Incorporate Market Volatility into Forecasts

Delta Data’s IntelliCaster: Industry’s Leading Asset
and Fee Forecasting Tool

In the highly volatile macro-economic climate that asset managers find themselves in, the excel-based models created at the beginning of the year must be constantly maintained to incorporate the latest  pandemic or market melt-down. Delta Data’s new IntelliCaster forecasting tool virtually eliminates these  endemic issues. IntelliCaster eliminates the pooled investment industry’s reliance on manually maintained excel-basedmodels to project AUM and associated distribution fees, based on macro-economic models,  which create inefficiencies, error, and distracts high value personnel from their core competencies.


IntelliCaster OVERVIEW

The IntelliCaster is a model based institutional financial planning tool specifically for Asset Management Fund Companies to provide actionable future focused profit and expense models per product, channel and platform. Imagine having a tool that can store your base model, accept, and record changes to the model and layer real views into forecasts for sales and AUM, adjusted by region, dealer, product or share class.  Associated distribution fees calculated from the forward-looking models incorporate their assumptions and provide exact expense analytics.

Delta Data’s IntelliCaster provides asset managers with a platform to input and maintain economist generated macro-economic based models. The models can then be used as the basis for scenarios. Each scenario can include adjustments from sales by region, dealer or product, and by finance to adjust by share class, fee waivers and other proprietary inputs from that specific asset manager.  The scenarios are then used to calculate forward looking AUM and its associated expenses for macro analytics or detailed product in specific dealer channel level projections.


IntelliCaster Key Capabilities

  • IntelliCaster yields forward looking composite analysis of projected sales, assets, distribution fees and other associated expenses and profit.
  • IntelliCaster provides analytic dashboards and reports based on the performance by scenario against actual data.
  • Multiple models can be continually analyzed in an automated fashion with the impact and attribution to the external factors highlighted, to provide a more realist profit forecasting ability covering a span of quarters.
  • Fee agreements can be input to provide a monthly expense calculation that is then applied against future profit models.
  • IntelliCaster delivers multiple profit and expense models per product, channel and platform, with the ability to compare these models to the actual data when it is available.
  • IntelliCaster allows for multiple forecasting inputs from collaborators and contributors to the in one portal, making audit and changes easy to track.
  • All IntelliCaster forecasts are created in one workflow, enabling easy comparisons of actuals vs. forecasted metrics.
  • Both models and their associated scenarios can be exported for usage in other proprietary and vendor forecasting systems like an ERP solution.

Value and Benefits:

  • Increased visibility to the impact of macro movement to AUM and associated distribution Fee Expenses.
  • Anticipate business challenges and impacts based on multiple scenarios.
  • Ability to model under multiple market and firm-specific scenarios.
  • Forecast revision is easy and audited, allowing for rapid incorporation of changing assumptions.
  • Collaborative structure promotes shared, workflow based, assumption input and scenarios generation from all parties who influence the scenarios based on the model.
  • IntelliCaster stores an unlimited number of models used to build Forecasts (NetFlow Scenarios, Market Assumptions) which can be shared and reused across teams and software platforms. Complex calculation details are moved from spreadsheets and people’s heads to IntelliCaster.


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