Columbus, GA – March 26, 2020 – To help the financial community stay abreast of critical product events affecting Mutual Funds during the current global pandemic, Delta Data, a fintech company providing infrastructure technology for the pooled investment community, will be making all mutual fund corporate action data available, free of charge, to the greater financial community. Delta Data’s Data as a Service (DaaS) tool provides comprehensive, easily accessible, near real time access to over 60 types of corporate action events taken by the mutual funds. DaaS covers the events communicated by over 550 fund companies.

“We have seen over 200 fund mergers in March alone, with 20 of 32 fund notifications being received on the same day of the effective date. Our industry’s workforce is experiencing an upheaval in how and where they work, yet are still required to process critical information on which to base the best decisions for their investors. We feel that the best way we can support the industry in this time of need is to freely share critical data through a cloud-based tool that eases the recent complications from our dislocation of the work environment. To this end, we are making our Data as a Service available now to the registered Broker Dealers, Bank Trusts, and Record Keepers in our industry,” says Whitfield Athey, CEO, Delta Data.

DaaS delivers near real time data on all corporate actions, from dividend modifications to fund distributions and mergers. It is a powerful tool currently in use by some of the largest pooled investment companies in the US, with trillions of AUM. The tool is easily accessible, intuitive, and supported by a concierge onboarding process that will have users up and running on the platform quickly. It is available to all registered dealers, bank trusts, and record keepers.

“Access to intelligence is a critical component in successfully navigating turmoil, and I think I speak for the entire community when I say that ending the crisis as quickly as possible is in everyone’s best interests. If our contribution can help accelerate control and mitigate damage, we’re more than willing to share our knowledge,” adds Athey.

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About Delta Data:  

Delta Data provides back-end solutions processing trillions of dollars in assets for the mutual fund industry, supporting four of the top 10 US banks, four of the top five US retirement recordkeepers, and four of the top five US investment managers. Delta Data’s industry-vetted and sophisticated SaaS integrated technology suite enables financial companies to manage the dynamic environment of regulatory change and risk associated with internal and external data management. Delta Data’s unique position within the financial industry allows for the maximum effective application of the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide a turnkey solution for financial services companies seeking to stay ahead of the change.

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