Mutual Fund Data Management Solutions

Delta Data’s Enterprise Data Management Solutions offers a highly configurable and scalable data management application, designed specifically for the unique issues surrounding mutual funds and other pooled investment products.

Why Businesses Choose Delta Data for Mutual Fund Data Management

With consolidations and M&A activity in the industry, many firms struggle with the onus of updating the same data on multiple legacy systems, leading to inefficiencies, manual errors, and potential risk with incorrect data.

To solve this, firms turn to Delta Data’s SaaS-based data management solutions to automate and simplify their mutual fund data management, allowing mutual fund operations teams to aggregate and curate data, creating a ‘gold’ copy of audited data that can be confidently deployed across the enterprise.

With Delta Data’s Data Management Solutions, financial institutions benefit from:


Operational Scalability

  • Straight-through processing, automation, and effective data management allow operation teams to handle their data more efficiently and reallocate resources to more strategically important projects
  • Integrated custom data points and industry-standard data feeds build a reliable and accurate ‘gold copy’ to push to downstream systems

Reduced Operations Cost

  • Expensive data can be limited to specific users, reducing data acquisition costs
  • Self-service design allows data sources to be changed without any downstream integration costs
  • Better data quality reduces costs associated with trade breaks
  • Pre-loaded industry data sets reduce integration costs and reduce implementation times

Improved Data Quality

  • Additional data sources and business rules improve the breadth, depth, and quality of data
  • User-defined source comparison and data integrity business rules create a cleaner data set

Who Benefits from Delta Data’s Fund Data Managment Solution?

Delta Data’s Enterprise Data Management solutions are designed for fund distribution firms that have a wide range of mutual funds and pooled products and are currently managing the data for these products on multiple, legacy systems. 

Retirement Record Keepers
Broker Dealers
Bank Trusts
Insurance Companies

Our Approach to Mutual Fund Data Management


Preconfigured with Mutual Fund Industry Data

  • Easily handles industry data sources such as Profile II and Morningstar
  • Integrates with firms' proprietary data


Configurable to Work with Firms' Unique Workflows

  • Business rules can be configured to adapt to current and specific workflows
  • Exception-based processing allows firms to focus on data errors, freeing up resources


Built-in Data Distribution Tools Streamline Integration

  • Data distribution tools are built in to easily integrate with downstream systems
  • Self-service design allows business analysts to configure and manage the product without IT involvement


Simplified Reference Data Management

  • Centralized aggregation and validation of investment attributes from both external and internal data source
  • Data source comparison, user-defined business rules, workflow, and approval process ensures accurate “Gold Copy” datasets for enterprise consumption


Comprehensive Data Governance

  • Custom data and business rules allow full control of data
  • Full audit trails and report-based oversight ensure transparency and accountability for data quality

Benefits of Partnering with Delta Data for Enterprise Mutual Fund Data Management

Delta Data is unique in the mutual fund industry. All of our solutions are specifically designed to eliminate the complexity of processing mutual funds, CITs, and other pooled products, as well as provide oversight capabilities for these securities, allowing the mutual fund industry to communicate more easily, manage risk more effectively, and process data more efficiently. Funds are all we do!


What Our Partners Have to Say About Delta Data

I will say however, that our experience to date under the ASP model has been better than I anticipated and feel it’s been a win/win situation on both sides of the equation!


Director of Trading and Clearing, Insurance Client

To date, we’ve been very impressed by both the reliability of the services Delta Data has been providing as well as with the professionalism and responsiveness of your entire team! I feel that this truly has been a great partnership.


Director of Trading and Clearing, Insurance Client

Trade Manage has been awesome for us.


SVP, Trust Client

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Delta Data provides the back-end solutions that companies in the mutual funds industry use to process trillions of dollars of transactions and keep on top of their data.

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