Asset Transfer Management for Mutual Funds & Pooled Assets

Delta Data’s Asset Transfer Management (ATM) solution facilitates the free receives and free delivers process by integrating with both the core bank trust accounting and DTCC utilities, like ACATS, to deliver an automated workflow straight through to books & records. ATM also integrates with DTCC Cost Basis Reporting System (CBRS) to expedite the movement of cost-basis information on asset transfers.

Why Businesses Choose Delta Data’s Asset Transfer Management Solution

With ATM, front-office teams can set realistic expectations with clients for transferring assets, turning a largely reactive process into a more proactive one. Automation and transparency allow for engagement of in-flight transfers, decreasing the likelihood of errors and reducing or eliminating delays or rejection of the assets being transferred.

With Delta Data’s Asset Transfer Management solution, financial institutions benefit from:


Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Deliver a superior new client onboarding experience, leading to additional assets under management and improved client retention
  • Enable front-office to proactively set client expectations and respond quickly to client inquiries

Resource Efficiency and Reduced Risk

  • Eliminate manual processes around the transfer workflow, allowing operations team to focus on exception-based processing, freeing up time to work on more strategic initiatives
  • Reduce trading risk by ensuring assets being transferred are acceptable and  being moved to the right place at the right price and time

Asset Transfer Transparency

  • Facilitate communication between counterparties during the ACATS process, specifically as it relates to changes in the asset listing initiated by either party
  • Actively engage with inflight transfers to mitigate errors, move transfers more quickly and reduce the need for full rejections

Streamlined Asset Acquisition

  • Increase efficiency in leveraging the Automated Customer Account Transfer System (ACATS) for asset transfers
  • Reduce asset transfer period from weeks to days, allowing banks to start realizing management fees earlier

Our Approach to Asset Management Transfer


Proactive method

  • Creates a proactive, instead of reactive, method for receiving and delivering assets


Communication Facilitation

  • Facilitates communications and secure document storage between counterparties


Individual Review and Approval

  • Upload an asset list and review/approve individual assets prior to initiating a delivery to a counterparty, ensuring accuracy and streamlining the asset transfer process

Benefits of Partnering with Delta Data

Delta Data is unique in the mutual fund industry. All of our solutions are specifically designed to eliminate the complexity of processing mutual funds, CITs, and other pooled products, as well as provide oversight capabilities for these securities, allowing the mutual fund industry to communicate more easily, manage risk more effectively, and process data more efficiently. Funds are all we do!

What Our Partners Have to Say About Delta Data

I will say however, that our experience to date under the ASP model has been better than I anticipated and feel it’s been a win/win situation on both sides of the equation!


Director of Trading and Clearing, Insurance Client

To date, we’ve been very impressed by both the reliability of the services Delta Data has been providing as well as with the professionalism and responsiveness of your entire team! I feel that this truly has been a great partnership.


Director of Trading and Clearing, Insurance Client

Trade Manage has been awesome for us.


SVP, Trust Client

Other Solutions We Provide

Trade Management & Reconciliation

  • Full NSCC connectivity and omnibus-to-fully-disclosed- position reconciliation system
  • Support for trading with multiple parties
  • Automated dividend processing with allocation to sub positions

Data as a Service (DaaS)

  • Combination of data, operational processing & software delivered in a seamless turnkey hosted package
  • Future dated corporate actions, periodic dividends, and prices/rates for pooled investments

Fund Data Management

  • Centralized control of pooled investments on the platform
  • Pre-configured to handle sources such as Profile II & Morningstar, and integrates with proprietary data
  • Creates a “Gold Copy” data file for integration with downstream systems, helping to maintain data integrity across multiple platforms

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Delta Data provides the back-end solutions that companies in the mutual funds industry use to process trillions of dollars of transactions and keep on top of their data.

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