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Delta Data offers corporate action, pricing data, and dividend data for the mutual fund industry.

Data as a Service (DaaS) combines software with operationally vetted data

DaaS is the combination of data, operational processing, and software delivered in a seamless turnkey hosted package. It provides a much higher level of data quality that leverages an Asset Services Data Team with Delta Data’s industry-leading data management solution to provide real-time intraday updates as they become available, fully automated processing of exceptions, workflow, and distribution of cleansed information to consuming systems and for reporting.

Data as a Service offerings:

  • Future Dated Corporate Actions/Fund Changes
  • Over 70 event types including mergers, liquidations, name changes, changes to fee schedules, minimums, etc.
  • Dashboard for tracking all upcoming events
  • User-configurable approval workflow to create unique workflows for each event type that follows your current internal processes
  • Suppression of events for securities not on your platform, reducing the noise

Periodic Dividends

  • Receive all periodic dividends for funds on your platform on Ex-date
  • Monitor the status/progress of your dividend rates as they arrive on Ex-date
  • Access to a rolling 12-month dividend calendar of all upcoming periodic dividend events

Prices/Accrual Rates

  • Receive all the daily NAVs and daily accrual rates on your 40 Act funds, CITs and VITs.
  • Monitor the status/progress of your prices/rates as they arrive during the day
  • Receive Delta Data’s daily accrual rate service where we levelize all inflated factors, delivering a single daily rate for each day and simplifying the processing of calculations at accrual cycle end dates, weekends and holidays

Customers choose Delta Data's DaaS for:

  • Mutual fund corporate actions
  • Fund changes
  • Periodic dividends
  • Dividend calendar
  • Daily accrual rates
  • NAVs
  • Inflated rates
  • Profile I
  • Profile II
  • Fund mergers
  • Fund liquidations
  • Audited prices


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Delta Data provides the back-end solutions that companies in the mutual funds industry use to process trillions of dollars of transactions and keep on top of their data.

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