Data for the Mutual Fund Industry Back Office: Meet DaaS

Data for the Mutual Fund Industry Back Office

Accurate. Comprehensive. Future dated. Easy to use.

Delta Data now offers corporate action, pricing, and dividend data for the mutual fund industry.

Data as a Service combines software with operationally vetted data

DaaS is the combination of data, operational processing, and software delivered in a seamless turnkey hosted package. It provides a much higher level of data quality that leverages an Asset Services Data Team with Delta Data’s industry-leading data management solution to provide real-time intraday updates as they become available, fully automated processing of exceptions, workflow, and distribution of cleansed information to consuming systems and for reporting. See FundBlast for additional information.

Data as a Service (DaaS) offerings:

  • Future Dated Corporate Actions/Fund Changes – Currently Covering over 500 680 Fund Families
  • Eliminate the reading of the thousands of blast emails received from your mutual fund partners
  • We cover 69 65 event types to include mergers, liquidations, name changes, changes to fee schedules, minimums, etc.
  • User interface provides a dashboard for tracking all upcoming events
  • User configurable approval workflow allows you to create unique workflows for each event type that follows your current internal processes
  • Events for securities not on your platform are suppressed, reducing the noise
  • If your firm is a subscriber to the DTCC’s MF Information Xchange, then that data is included as well.

Periodic Dividends – Currently Covering Over 850 Fund Families

  • Receive all periodic dividends for funds on your platform on Ex date.
  • User interface allows you to see the status/progress of your dividend rates as they arrive on Ex date
  • Access to a rolling 12 month dividend calendar of all upcoming periodic dividend events

Prices/Accrual Rates – Currently Covering Over 740 Fund Families

  • Receive all the daily NAVs and daily accrual rates on your 40 Act funds, CITs and VITs.
  • User interface allows you to see the status/progress of your prices/rates as they arrive during the day
  • Receive our enhanced daily accrual rate service where we levelize all inflated/fat factors so you have a single daily rate for each day. This makes calculations at accrual cycle end dates, weekends and holiday processing a snap.

Customer choose Deltas Data's DaaS for:

  • Mutual fund corporate actions
  • Fund changes
  • Periodic dividends
  • Dividend calendar
  • Daily accrual rates
  • Accrual factors
  • NAVs
  • Info Xchange
  • Blast emails
  • Inflated rates
  • Fat rates
  • Accrual cycle
  • Ex date
  • Profile I
  • Profile II
  • Fund mergers
  • Fund liquidations
  • Audited prices
  • Mutual fund distributions
  • Data as a service
  • DaaS
  • Fundblast
  • Aperio


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