Proprietary Product Manager (PPM), is a tool that supports the construction, trade execution and administration of proprietary funds for trust companies, record keepers, insurance companies and broker-dealers, designed to replace the manual and time-consuming process of managing proprietary investment products.

PPM allows the creation and management of proprietary products that include Collective Investment Trusts (CITs), Target Date Funds, Fund of Funds, wrapped funds, and Variable Annuities. PPM allows seamless management of custom securities by distributors in a single system of record alongside traditional mutual funds — eliminating manual processes involved in reconciling enterprise systems, which streamlines account management, strengthens sales pipelines, and reduces risk.

Delta Data’s Proprietary Fund Manager eliminates manual processes, automates information dissemination and workflows – all in a secure environment. PPM allows front office to define the products and their allocation definitions providing easy back office support of tens of thousands of products using data inheritance.

In addition, PPM provides:
• Support of all custom pooled investment vehicles
• Scalable security model through hierarchical control of products
• Integration with Delta Data’s FUNDLinx for automatic rebalance of pooled products based on product owner defined periodicity and/or tolerance
• Workflow for product request and implementation allows for usage as a client facing portal to extend the platform’s capability to the end institutional RIA or Dealer
• Custom security ID generator and manager
• Reusable models that assist clients in rapidly constructing multiple iterations of wrapped products that have variable fee increments
• Support of multiple layers of approvals based on attributes



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