Meet AperioSuite: The most robust and comprehensive set of data management tools for handling mutual funds

AperioSuite, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, is a data management tool specifically designed for mutual funds. It comes pre-configured to handle sources such as Profile II, Morningstar and Lipper, and also easily integrates with your proprietary data. Configurable business rules and an exception based workflow allow you to focus on errors. Data distribution tools are built in to easily integrate with downstream systems.

Want to create your own products such as WRAP, CIT, Fund of Funds or Target Date Funds? AperioSuite handles that as well.


Improved Data Quality
  • Additional data sources and business rules improve the breadth, depth and quality of data
  • Reduced risk and unnecessary costs
Operational Scalability
  • Straight through processing and effective data management
  • Custom datapoints easily integrate into a gold copy
Data Governance
  • Custom data and business rules allow full control of data
  • Full audit trails and report based oversight ensure transparency and accountability for data quality
Easily Implemented
  • Best-in-Class SaaS solution with pre-loaded data offers a quick and affordable integration


Data Cost
  • Expensive data can be limited to specific users
  • Data usage reports confirm what data is not being used
Data Switching Cost
  • Champion/Challenger reports compare data quality across different sources
  • Data sources can be changed without any downstream integration costs
Operational Cost
  • Straight through processing with reduced manual intervention means fewer resources
  • Better data quality reduces costs associated with trade breaks
Support Cost
  • Design allows business analyst to configure and manage the product without IT involvement


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Customers trust AperioSuite for:

  • Reference data
  • Period dividends
  • Daily accrual dividends
  • Corporate actions
  • Fund changes
  • Morningstar
  • Lipper
  • Profile I
  • Profile II
  • Info exchange
  • Mutual fund information


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