By Sonya Swink March 31, 2022 – Delta Data Chief Executive Whitfield Athey has stepped down, the firm announced Tuesday. Athey, who was the helm of the Columbus, Georgia-based technology for seven years, has been replaced by Cameron Routh, who was most recently the head of tax solutions at Refinitiv.

By Whitfield Athey May 30, 2019 – Despite grand predictions for AI’s impact on the industry, most operations professionals see little difference in their day-to-day from five or even 10 years ago. The sticking point for many is that their organization doesn’t know where to begin. But the best place is literally staring them in the...

By Carmen Germaine November 21, 2019 – Delta Data is rolling out a new system that will significantly cut down the time it takes brokerages and other intermediaries to transfer assets their clients hold at bank trusts, the firm announced Tuesday.

By Whitfield Athey October 9, 2019 – The concept of asset allocation models isn’t new by any means, but how asset managers deliver this to clients has never carried as much importance as it does today. Fee compression and commoditization of investment products over the past decade are threatening already slim margins in asset management.


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