Every year, Delta Data has the privilege of hosting a Client Conference that brings our many partners together to discuss industry trends and the latest Delta Data product updates. For this year’s event, we met in late September in New Orleans, the city known for its excitement, energy, and celebration.

The annual Client Conference serves as an opportunity to experience all the critical updates and planned features for the entire Delta Data platform, serving both Distribution Services and Asset Management Solutions. This year’s Client Conference also presented the opportunity to introduce our recent acquisition, National Quality Review, to Delta Data clients, with several sessions dedicated to an overview of NQR services.

Our clients guide the direction of Delta Data, and their collective interests and concerns drive our innovation roadmap and direct the focus of our efforts. These client engagements are critical in evaluating how we leverage our people, our expertise, and our innovation.

The two-day conference kicked off with a welcome from Delta Data CEO Cameron Routh where he talked about some of the developments over the last year, including investment in growth, key areas of team expansion, and how Delta Data is working to deliver more value to clients.

Another highlight from the conference featured the Product Vision, demonstrating how Delta Data continues to expand capabilities to make products a more comprehensive solution set for our partners, leading to scalability, cost reduction, and increased efficiency for clients.

In a review of 2023 as well as a preview of what’s coming in 2024, roadmaps for both Asset Management Solutions and Distribution Solutions detailed enhancements, platform integrations, and ongoing modernization of software. A segment of the Product Vision was dedicated to an overview of new technologies, including AI, ChatGPT, and Blockchain, and what role they may play in the future.

Delta Data Chief Technology Officer Chris Carney presented the Technology Review where he laid out the drivers of the organizational cloud migration initiative, highlighting security, scalability and flexibility, reliability, agility and innovation. He also discussed investments in the technology team and the ongoing effort to build a culture of learning through expertise development and industry certifications.

Additional conference sessions focused on Relationship Management and Client Service and the initiatives undertaken in those areas to enhance the client experience, including user groups, client satisfaction surveys, and ongoing development of the new Client Portal, which was rolled out earlier this year.

The conference also featured an array of Product Breakout sessions where clients met in smaller groups with members of the Delta Data Product team and learned of recent implementations and enhancements, as well as development initiatives within individual product roadmaps for 2024 and beyond.

The final session of the conference aptly featured an engaging discussion around how NQR fits within Delta Data’s Oversight Solutions product suite and how the addition expands value for clients.

We’re grateful to all of our clients and partners who were able to join us in the Crescent City for the 2023 Delta Data Client Conference, and we look forward to what’s ahead for next year and beyond.

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