Delta Data team members and other top minds in the mutual fund industry gathered in Washington, D.C. in late May for the 2024 ICI Leadership Summit. The third year of the conference did not disappoint. The program featured fireside chats, panels, small group discussion sessions, and incredible networking stints, with top leaders offering insights on how the industry can navigate current and future challenges and opportunities.

The ICI team and the conference committee did an exceptional job of assembling an impressive and engaging agenda for the premier gathering of executives and senior leaders in the asset management industry.

AI and the Asset Management Industry

Several panelists shared how they are planning responsibly for a future where AI plays a key role in their operations. Those efforts have required executives to engage in order to learn the intrinsic components of AI technologies, which are well-positioned to improve the client experience.

In one session focused on AI, panelists discussed ways on how to stay ahead of AI, and specifically, five key factors to implement AI best practices that are:

  1. Investing in productivity and topline growth
  2. Systemic upscaling
  3. Vigilant about cost
  4. Strategic relationships
  5. Responsible AI principles

Learning From the Past

David Senra, host of the popular Founders podcast, gave a dynamic tour of the lessons from biographies of great world leaders and encouraged everyone to take the time to learn from their life trajectories, saying, “I think the best leaders are hungry for knowledge.”

Senra gave a passionate presentation about the topic, emphasizing how great leaders have a clear mission and work every day to fulfil it.

Change is Constant

Industry leaders shared their enthusiasm over the widening range of investment products. Through the introduction of active ETFs and the continued growth of SMAs, CITs, and various closed-end funds, firms are accelerating innovation.

The upsurge of new product offerings is more proof of the industry’s ability to deliver solutions for clients, including unique opportunities in private markets. At the same time, industry leaders emphasized that the traditional mutual fund remains a growing sector with specific benefits for investors, giving it a pivotal role in the asset management landscape.

Leadership Continues to Shape What Comes Next

A century of progress doesn’t happen without strong leadership, and according to attendees, lessons from the past are helping the industry make decisions for the future. Accenture CEO Julie Sweet kicked off the conference with words that resonated: “Lead with excellence, confidence, and humility.”

Celebration of the Mutual Fund’s 100th Anniversary

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