COVID-19 has turned our collective pooled investment industry upside down. Wall Street warriors used to humping downtown in the pre-dawn light are now working out of their home offices or dining room tables. Suits are being traded for lounging wear, and the frequent trips to the airport are becoming a fuzzy memory. While the trappings of our daily life have changed, the demands have not.

We work in a data driven industry, and the spigot has not been turned off. Delta Data customers enjoy access to a broad swath of comprehensive Mutual Fund and Collective Fund, near real time data; we help some of the largest companies in the world with trillions of dollars of AUM. In light of the current crisis, we’re making some of our data available to registered broker dealers, bank trusts, and record keepers to the industry, on a complimentary basis.

As of March 25, Delta Data will be making our Data as a Service corporate actions data available, free of charge, through the duration of the Covid-19 crisis. Our system tracks over 60 types of corporate actions from 550 fund companies and provides this data near real time. As you can imagine, this activity has been very energetic during the past 30 days, with over 200 fund mergers in March alone.

We have set up a concierge service to walk your company through the process of accessing our powerful, cloud-based platform. The entire process will have users up and running quickly, and the tool itself is intuitive and easily accessible. Just follow this link to begin the process.

Working together, we will be able to weather this storm. We have been your partner for 35 years and plan on continuing on this journey for many years to come.