New product improves client experience by simplifying the transfer process across multiple asset types

Columbus, GA – November 19, 2019


– Delta Data, a leading provider of software and data management solutions for the pooled investment fund industry, today announced their new Asset Transfer Manager (ATM) product, an automated system that facilitates the transfer of assets between Bank Trusts and other financial intermediaries.

The tool has been designed to reduce transfer time from a trust industry average of 20 days, using the current manual approach, to just two days.

Leveraging key integration of disparate systems, Delta Data’s new ATM improves efficiency, transparency, and workflow to deliver a proactive and transparent experience for advisors, trust officers, and their end clients.

The Trust industry lacks tools that leverage Trust specific product and account rules with automated asset analysis required for consistent execution of asset transfers. This creates a process vulnerable to error and miscommunication. Manual, ad hoc emails lead to a lack of transparency and an inability to meet expectations with the front office and the end client. This results in a negative first impression at best and frequently a lost client during the transfer period. Instead of proactively managing client expectations, financial institutions are forced to react to inquiries concerning delays or discrepancies around asset transfers, while struggling to reconcile incomplete or incorrect information.

“Years ago brokerages successfully integrated the account transfer process into their ecosystem and investors have come to expect this type of seamless and transparent experience.  Our software overcomes the major hurdles facing Bank Trusts’ participation in this approach to client account transfer management and enhances their ability to meet the expectations of today’s investors. Delta Data’s ATM not only provides practical solutions to technical inefficiencies but offers real-time information and system-integration for a more seamless experience for both the asset owner and the clients they serve,” says Delta Data CEO Whitfield Athey.

Delta Data’s new ATM infrastructure employs automation of account analysis to provide real-time alerts that not only reduce error and inefficiencies but also empower accurate, up-to-date counterparty communication. ATM further integrates with the DTCC’s Automated Customer Account Transfer System (ACATS) and Cost Basis Reporting System (CRBS), allowing users to proactively manage the receipt and delivery of assets and cost basis information under a single, unified interface.

Notable capabilities within the new infrastructure include:

  • Front office facing self-service portal, to request transfers, receive notifications and track the status of accounts in transit.
  • Integration with asset reference data, trust accounting and trading systems for standardized, automated, and exception-based process management.
  • Automated alerts of requests, rejections, and changes around receipt and delivery workflows to deliver a proactive front office experience.
  • Internal notifications and coordinated counterparty communication of both full and/or partial requests.
  • Management of counterparty fund company required forms and contact information storage.
  • Exception based processing and organized work queues provide a user-friendly interface that combines the disparate information required to coordinate and execute both automated and manual transfers.

ATM provides users with a single tool that integrates the necessary account, counterparty and trading resources required to deliver a seamless portal to the front office, and a fully automated system for the back office for consistent and efficient execution of transfers.

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