Columbus, GA – October 3, 2019 – Delta Data


A supplier of digital processing environments for Collective Investment Trusts (CIT), recently hosted an industry-focused WebEx summit which illustrated the latest communication and business coordination environments supporting CITs. 29 Delta Data customers representing 12 Bank Trusts and 17 Asset Managers participated in the event.

The meeting was coordinated by Delta Data in an effort to bring awareness of emerging technologies that support the $3.5T CIT industry, which is experiencing an annual 8% growth rate.

Delta Data worked with several customers to develop a presentation highlighting the latest production use cases on Delta Data’s platform supporting CITs. Key capabilities illustrated counterparty specific communications of changes to existing CITs, using an event based structured workflow, rules based data validation, and secure digital delivery of the event communication. Delta Data also illustrated a new product setup coordination capability allowing a platform user to coordinate multiple, disparate counterparties in a real time collaboration that shares the documents, reference data and product rollout event calendar. Delta Data’s solution cuts the industry’s current manual approach to new product creation from two to three weeks down to minutes.

WebEx can be viewed here: Digital Transformation of Collective Investment Trust Creation and Management

Major increases in volume of CITs as the preferred investment vehicle for Retirement Plan have been driven by a reduction in minimum plan size requirements and increased awareness of the product across the Retirement industry. The growth of the product, coupled with greater requests for customization and flexibility have stressed the manual nature of current processing environments. These facts coupled with regulatory requirements that are unique to these securities create a difficult environment to scale and require CITs to adopt specifically tailored technologies that will support their continued growth.  Delta Data is the first in the space to provide digitally transformative solutions that address these key pain points. Digital counterparty communication environments hold the answer to the core issues around coordination of multiple counterparties at scale and in compliance with the applicable regulations.

About Delta Data: 

Delta Data provides back-end solutions processing trillions of dollars in assets for the mutual fund industry, supporting four of the top 10 US banks, four of the top five US retirement recordkeepers and four of the top five US investment managers. Delta Data’s industry-vetted and sophisticated SaaS integrated technology suite enables financial companies to manage the dynamic environment of regulatory change and risk associated with internal and external data management. Delta Data’s unique position within the financial industry allows for the maximum effective application of the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide a turnkey solution for financial services companies seeking to stay ahead of the change.

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