Is your firm still processing intermediary invoices manually?
Fee Manager takes the risk out of one of your biggest expenses.

A recent Delta Data survey of the top 100 mutual funds in the U.S. found that fees were one of the top three expenses. In our years of experience with these firms we have found that many still rely on Excel spreadsheets, while leveraging sophisticated software solutions for other OPEX expenses. Can you afford penalties for overpaying invoices or incorrectly allocating fees? Isn’t it time to take advantage of software designed specifically for distribution fees?

Fee Manager will enable your firm to eliminate issues like double billing, ensuring that rates are aligned with the latest agreements on file and manage increased demands from Fund Boards and compliance of distribution in guise.

The largest investment firms and banks in the U.S. trust Delta Data solutions for a reason: We provide the critical technology they require to exceed stakeholder and customer expectations.

Our Solution


  • Full audit capabilities and role based duties
  • Detailed information, consistent rules and payment execution ensure compliance with regulations such as “Distribution in Guise”
  • Comprehensive sub-omnibus data included
  • Reduction of human errors and inconsistency from manual processes
  • Straight through processing allows resources to focus on exceptions
  • Tolerances allow focus on greatest variance
  • Fee calculations are performed using distribution transparency data, your accounts, your contract agreements, and our technology that has been calculating distribution fees for 14 years
  • Calculated fees are automatically reconciled against the invoices to identify variances and duplication
  • Calculated fees are based on both Intermediary-reported positions and TA/sub-TA positions
  • Invoice data points validated against calculated fees and historical invoice data at line item level
  • Data point tolerances are configurable
  • Straight Through Processing allows error free invoices to flow directly into payables management
  • Configurable payment data includes invoiced amount, calculated amount, advice, journal entries, etc.
  • Exception based processing prioritizes focus
  • Role based reviews and approvers have the contract, invoice, tolerance and calculations available to process the error
  • Audit trail for all data points, tasks and transactions
  • Role based security and approvals
  • Full access to historical records

Companies turn to us because we’re specialists in this area and bring the perspective of having worked with multiple other companies on this same fee management solution in very complex integration environments. What’s more, with our SaaS solution, we handle all the ongoing maintenance, upgrades and changes required to comply with new regulations and invoices.

Running Delta Data’s mutual fund fee management solution is the easiest – and smartest – way to stay ahead of the change.


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