It’s like a CRM system for your 600 different counterparties’ information.

Our Counterparty Management tool comes pre-configured with all the registered fund distributors who are the likely counterparties. The tool allows you to track the specific people, contact info, and more.

Counterparty Management supports securely communicating other information between the two parties such as documents, deal structures, critical communication, data and deal structures. Basically, an easy to use data room for daily use.


  • Model fee schedules
  • Ability to setup each fee schedule and link them back to the individual contracts
  • All Security Identifier / Account includes and excludes are shown in the fee setup
  • By setting up fee schedules in the portal, you now have the ability to compare rates by fee types across multiple relationships
  • Track the approval process, internal discussions, and contact activities with automated workflow management and notifications
  • Quick Links to commonly used documents
    • AML
    • KYC
    • Fact Sheets
    • Discussion area for on-going communication with contacts
  • Document Vault for storing
    • Always have access to the most current documents
    • Add tags, categories and favorites to your documents so the right document is always at your fingertips
    • Documents related to business, marketing, compliance, etc., can be uploaded and shared in the portal
  • Manage your key contacts at each relationship
    • By tagging your contacts with the correct roles, everyone throughout the organization will always know who to go to for what
    • Use events to track all meetings / requests made to each of your contacts

Customers select Delta Data's Counterparty management for:

  • CRM
  • Counterparties
  • AML, Anti-Money Laundering
  • KYC, Know Your Customer
  • Document Storage


Delta Data provides the back-end solutions that companies in the mutual funds industry use to process trillions of dollars of transactions and keep on top of their data.

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