The FUNDLinx platform supports the trading and reconciliation and dividend processing on over 2.5 trillion AUM of pooled investment products

FUNDLinx has been the premier mutual fund trading platform for over 10 years. Loved by the leading intermediary firms in the industry, it’s a necessity for any firm that needs to trade pooled investment products efficiently.

FUNDLinx is a comprehensive trading platform that handles automating account registration, trading, settlement, position reconciliation and income processing. Maximizing the use of straight-through processing, FUNDLinx delivers streamlined trade execution with efficient and controlled exception handling.

FUNDLinx provides the structure and flexibility to handle the complexities of today’s investment products. A robust and proven platform for mission-critical applications, FUNDLinx has the necessary scalability, stability, control and security to meet the challenges of business growth.

Delta Data Launches FundLinx 10.0

FundLinx: 10.0, represents the evolution of Delta Data’s industry leading platform to a fully integrated suite of products, supporting the straight-through processing of securities for both omnibus and fully disclosed accounts. FundLinx 10.0 is designed for Bank Trusts and Record Keepers to manage the life cycle of Mutual Fund, CIT, ETF and VIT trades in an exception based straight-through processing environment.

Key features:
  • Artificial Intelligence Enabled
  • Fully Automate Omnibus and Fully Disclosed Trade Processing
  • Full Product Suite Integration
  • Rules-Based Trade Routing
  • Message-Based Architecture
  • Private Cloud-Based

FundLinx 10.0 highlights:

FundLinx 10.0 incorporates the first generation of Delta Data’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine. Delta Data’s integrated environment allows for AI to provide unique insights encompassing account counterparty, product, and corporate action event based information.

The system’s automated workflow leverages the rules based trade decision engine to determine the correct automated workflow route to execute the trade.

Order and trade management is greatly enhanced through direct access to contextual information regarding the product with which the trade is made, the trading counterparty and the latest events effecting trade activity like Account Holds and in-flight Product Corporate Actions.

Rules based automated workflow analyzes each trade and automatically determines the trade’s validity, proper formation, the optimal clearing route, timing, and whether to trade in an Omnibus or Fully Disclosed manner.

The new message-based architecture delivers horizontal scalability allowing FundLinx to scale to any trade processing throughput.

FundLinx 10.0 is a web-based application delivered exclusively through Delta Data’s private cloud-based infrastructure.

Key FundLinx Functionality


  • Interfaces with NSCC for trading via FundServ and DCC&S
  • Supports trading with unlimited number of trading partners
  • Networking account registrations and changes via B50 and B51 files
  • Supports account transfer via B52 files
  • Ability to rollup trades for trading at Omnibus account level
  • Supports trading at fully disclosed level
  • Supports creation and trading of fund of funds and re-balancing
  • Ability to project a fund of funds re-balance and the resulting trades
  • Large trade notification edits
  • Auto-fax trading capabilities allows for electronic fax trading to Non NSCC funds
  • Supports trading of employer securities and CIT funds while managing the fractional shares

Position Reconciliation

  • Transaction based position balance maintained to support two way reconciliation
  • True two way reconciliation with fund position as well as with trust/recordkeeping positions
  • Supports full omnibus reconciliation and sub-omnibus account reconciliation
  • User defined tolerance levels at global or individual account level
  • Maintains fund posting rules which auto creates reconciling items based on when a purchase or redemption trade with be reflected in the fund’s position balance
  • Ability for users to create temporary reconciling items to put an account in balance
  • Aged reconciling items reports to track and monitor aging of reconciling items
  • Users are able to add comments
  • Daily reconciliations are kept in history so users can with one click look at any prior days reconciliations

Dividend Reconciliation

  • Ability to perform independent calculation of periodic and daily accrual dividends
  • Supports omnibus as well as sub-omnibus dividend calculations
  • Reconciles paid dividends from the funds with calculated dividends
  • System maintained position balance based on income posting/payable rules for extremely accurate dividend calculations
  • User defined tolerance levels for omnibus accounts
  • Ability to create true up trades when reconciling omnibus account level dividends
  • Full integration with AperioSuite for periodic and daily accrual dividend data
  • Ability to assign administrators to accounts

Customers trust FUNDLinx for:

  • NSCC
  • DTCC
  • Fundserv
  • Networking
  • Omniserv
  • Profile I
  • Profile II


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