Delta Data was present at IMpower FundForum June 24-26, 2024 in Monaco. A top networking event in the fund industry, IMpower FundForum 2024 brought together some of the most forward-thinking asset and wealth management professionals to explore the new global investment landscape.

The conference gathered more than 1400 of the world’s most influential asset and wealth managers to discuss the future of wealth management, customer alignment and digital transformation, the rise of EFTs and illiquid investment solutions and asset allocation, tokenization, token data, and technology.

The Delta Data team connected with industry leaders, shared ideas, and networked with attendees from across the global asset and wealth management industry while participating in discussions on key trends, challenges, and opportunities impacting the fund industry.

While there was no shortage of content presented throughout the conference, the clear theme was that technology is driving increased efficiency, transparency, and personalization across the asset management industry. From AI-driven portfolio management to blockchain, innovations are reshaping how we all operate and engage with clients.

Impact on Technology on Fund Distribution

Many sessions throughout the two-day conference focused on technology and the role that it continues to play in an industry that is notoriously slow to adapt.

Some key takeaways:

  • Clients are expecting to make a move away from paper, emphasizing the importance of transitioning to digital solutions. 
  • Transformation in the funds world requires the recreation of existing distribution models while ensuring the adoption of new channels.
  • As data becomes increasingly central, infrastructure readiness will play a vital role in effectively managing the influx of information. 
  • Successful integration with legacy systems is crucial for a smooth transition to the digital era.

Automated Innovation

IMpower FundForum as the basis of much discussion, deliberation, and education.

The question that continues to arise from industry professionals is, “What will wealth and asset management look like when powered by generative AI?”

Since ChatGPT exploded onto the scene, generative AI has been at the forefront of every mind. Just over a year since, several IMpower FundForum sessions focused on what the wealth and asset management industry has done to harness AI’s potential and what it can learn from the wider financial services sector and beyond.

Panelists discussed the impact and numerous benefits and use cases of generative AI, the importance of secure data management, and how industry professionals are navigating the AI journey.

Balance of Technological Innovation and Data Governance

Constant discussion surrounds understanding the balance between technological innovation and data governance and security. Operationally, firms are facing the task of creating a plan for modernization and optimizing scalable target operating models.

Many conference sessions focused on future-proof technology in asset and wealth management, exploring how leading firms are approaching retiring legacy systems, adopting emerging technologies, controlled data management and governance, and seamlessly merging workflows.  

We look forward to next year’s IMpower FundForum, and expounding on the relationships we established through this year’s conference.

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