Columbus, GA – November 4, 2019 – Over 60 asset management, banking industry and retirement professionals representing some of the largest companies in the investment community gathered to discuss trends, concerns and technologies that will be important to the industry in 2020, at the annual Delta Data client conference held recently in Atlanta, GA.

Issues addressed concerned the adoption and growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI), accelerated growth of model-based products, and regulatory and compliance rules. Delta Data is a 30-year-old SaaS infrastructure solutions company for the investment management industry, processing $2.5 trillion in pooled investment product assets.


John Randall, Director of Operations and Distribution at the Investment Company Institute (ICI), discussed several areas of interest to the audience, including ICI’s recently published guidance in the case of unexpected market closure (UMC): Mutual Fund Operations Planning Guide for an Unexpected Market Closure. “In preparing for 2020, the ICI recommends that industry professionals invest the time to explore the FBI/Private Sector InfraGard portal, especially in light of increased cybersecurity issues. We also recommend that financial professionals contact their asset management partners about any operational needs that they anticipate will arise in compliance with the upcoming SEC Regulation Best Interest (BI),” says Randall.

The annual conference is a touchpoint for a broad spectrum of customers covering all aspects of the investment industry. “Our insurance company customers are concerned with creating and maintaining hundreds of thousands of variable annuity products. Our mutual fund customers are involved with managing the growth of active strategies within ETF’s that will take flight after recent SEC rulings, and our retirement plan advisors are tackling the demand for custom, model-based products from advisors and consultants to the plans. Their collective interests drive our technology roadmap,” says Delta Data CEO Whitfield Athey.

“This is a great event for networking and learning about Delta Data’s upcoming products and services, within the context of general financial education, and important industry trends,” says Julie Staveski of PNC Bank, who has attended the event for several years.

One area of interest to the audience is the impact of Artificial Intelligence, which Delta Data has developed natively.  Several break out groups and general sessions discussed how the technology is deployed in specific use cases across each of the products. Audience feedback was positive for the company’s usage of AI in their Fee Manager product, for automated invoice recognition and data capture.

“We are one of the few companies that have developed AI capabilities internally. We would caution other companies in the financial sector to not rely on public cloud-based solutions given their contractual ability to access information used within their AI which carries inherent security risks and a general opacity of how and by whom the data can be analyzed,” says Athey.

The Delta Data technology roadmap presented multiple business use cases for additional AI work, built around classifying and routing data, with a premium placed on maintaining security.

About Delta Data: 

Delta Data provides back-end solutions processing trillions of dollars in assets for the mutual fund industry, supporting four of the top 10 US banks, four of the top five US retirement recordkeepers, and four of the top five US investment managers. Delta Data’s industry-vetted and sophisticated SaaS integrated technology suite enables financial companies to manage the dynamic environment of regulatory change and risk associated with internal and external data management. Delta Data’s unique position within the financial industry allows for the maximum effective application of the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide a turnkey solution for financial services companies seeking to stay ahead of the change.

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