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October 8, 20190

Delta Data has a unique culture. For starters, how many privately held software companies do you know that are in their 35th year of continuous operation? Not many, I am sure. The tag line for our company is “Stay Ahead of the Change.” To still be around after 35 years, we have had to practice what we preach to our clients.

We must continuously be looking ahead to see what is coming down the road and be prepared to embrace and take advantage of change, rather than be caught off guard and miss opportunities or worse yet, get left behind. To do this requires a workforce that is nimble, intelligent, motivated, and not afraid of change. Our clients are some of the biggest names in the financial services industry, and they have high expectations and expect only the best from both our products and our services. To deliver on these high expectations requires the same qualities from our employees; nimble, intelligent, innovative, and not afraid of change.

Employees of this caliber are not easy to find, but once you do, you must provide the best life and work balance you can or someone else will. The average tenure for our employees is fairly long but when we do have a need for new hires, there is a great pool of candidates to choose from. Two Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here in Columbus, GA, and they both invest heavily in technology.

Having been born out of a CPA firm has also had a strong impact on our culture. It takes more than good programmers to develop good financial technology software. It takes business analysts that understand the importance of business processes, audit trails, and making sure the numbers tie out. Our CPA roots continue on with a number of CPAs on staff that work as business analysts to make sure we deliver the best fintech software in the industry.

We hope you enjoy this 2-minute video on the culture here at Delta Data.

Burton Keller

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